New Car Care - In The House Washing

Having a new car will mean taking care of that vehicle. It is important for drivers to keep up with all the things a vehicle needs to ensure it lasts as long as possible. With vehicles being on the road now longer than ever, even the smallest of maintenance can make a huge difference. The difference could mean a few miles or a few thousand. One part of regular maintenance during the life of a car is having the brake pads replaced

The Signs

Some vehicles may make a loud noise while others may not. For vehicles that do make noise, the fix could be as easy as cleaning them. While there are recommendations on the life of brake pads, there are also warning signs. For someone driving a Mazda 3 sedan through the city of St Louis will wear the brakes faster than driving the same car in a town with few lights and stops.

If a vehicle is taking a longer amount of time to stop or the brakes are going closer to the floor before slowing, the brakes likely need to be replaced. A look at the thickness of the pads can answer the question for a driver. If the pad is less than a quarter inch thick, the pads should be inspected. The driver will likely want to have these brake pads replaced before they wear down anymore.


Drivers can have the brakes checked when they have the oil changed or the tires rotated. Having this all done in one sitting is most convenient. For drivers that are unable to change the brake pads themselves, a technician will be able to assist in the process. If just the pads are being changed, it can take under an hour for the entire job to be finished.

For those who are able or willing to do the job at home, the process will likely take a bit longer. The driver will need to raise the car and remove the wheels to be able to get to the brakes. This will be the longest step. Next, they will need to remove the caliper assembly. Now the brake pads will be able to be replaced. Once the job is done everything can be put back onto the vehicle.

It does not matter how the brake pads are replaced, as long as the job is done in a timely manner. Letting them go too long can cause the our website rotors to be ruined, costing more money. Even worse, it could lead to an accident. It is best for drivers to take care of their brakes, and vehicle, by paying attention to the signs. This find will help both the brakes and the vehicle run much longer.

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